Hey Jude creates a timeless products range where imagination balances with simple sophistication.
A soft and authentic style.
A poetic, creative and playful universe, translated through palettes of pastel shades.
Colours, shapes and patterns are a language for telling stories and bringing happiness every day.
Hey Jude wants to soften children’s lives, but also facilitate their parents' lives.
Beautiful collections for our sweet dreamers, small creatures to offer as a companion or to exhibit as decorative objects.
The collections navigate between memories and children’s dreams.
A magical country, where the imagination runs freely between starry prints and soft colors.
All Hey Jude products are created for their practical characteristics, keeping sustainability in mind.
The fabrics 100% cotton are machine washable and chosen to age well.
The pieces fit into the family, and will be appreciated in future generations.
Hey Jude manufactures on demand and has little stock.
All items are handcrafted in the Brussels workshop.
The small series and hand finishes give each product a unique and handcrafted character.
Each piece can be totally customizable.
All Hey Jude products leave the shop nicely packed with their certification card.
The world of childhood, it’s a bit by chance that Julie Denis arrived there. After
have explored women’s fashion and textile, his desire was to find his way in
the arts crafts.
She creates her first doudous by chance for a Christmas market and it’s love at the first sight. Little by little, she tames this environment, creates and presents her work in stores (Serneels, etc.) or sales of creators, markets, … She learns what are the needs, listen to the parents but also question the children.
She discovers in this sector a certain freedom, no limit to its
imaginary and the possibility of telling stories.
She begins by imagining her little creatures with animal forms, making
living for children, the beings they imagine in dreams at night. She can then
use all his knowledge to come create a complete collection and
consistent around this story.
Early childhood sector navigating between necessary parts always at every birth and the desire to spoil.
It is therefore necessary to make adults aware of what they buy, they are today
local and customized production applicants and this is exactly what the
creator wants to offer them.